Technology I Use For Writing

Yesterday I told you about what I use to write my novel from a software perspective. Today I want to tell you about the technology I use. The Kindle did not make the cut. I was so mad that I considered not even offering my book on Kindle. I am joking, that would be ignorant.

Moving on. I have mentioned before that I love technology. That’s a blessing and a curse when writing a novel because you’re always wondering if there’s something better out there that you’re not aware of.

I’m not going to go into what’s out there because there are a lot of options. I’m going to stick to the two devices that I use daily.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

This is honestly the best phone that I have ever used. Before this I was using an iPhone 7 and a iPhone 6s Plus. I chose the Note 10+ for the large screen and the pen. I’m in my mid thirties so I remember a time when all of my writing was done with pen and paper. This phone lets me go back to that, but I can save my work online. It’s awesome!

I use it to take lots of notes. If I think of something for my novel I can pull out the pen and write on the screen without turning the phone on. That may be my favorite feature. I also enjoy writing my novel by hand and seeing it becomes text on the screen.


I have talked about the Chromebook before and I still love it. It’s been a few months now and it’s still fast, I can do 99% of what I want, and I can’t play Sims. Playing Sims while claiming I was using it to plot novels is why I never got anything done. Without Sims I have written over 28,000 words. 

I also like the Chromebook because it’s simple. Over 99% of the stuff I need is online and that’s where Chrome OS puts it. There are very few apps on the desktop. It’s great!

So those are the two things I use the most. I am adding a Windows tablet with a keyboard because I really want to try Scrivener. Once I give it a good run I may update this post.

Thank you for visiting the Berry Cottage today!

Why You Should Consider a Chromebook

I consider myself a gadget person, even though I typically use what most would consider “outdated tech”. I still use an HP desktop, a Dell e6400 laptop, and an iPhone 7. The newest “gadget” I have is my Kindle HD 8 that was released in 2018. I recently received an older Chromebook for work. It’s a Dell 3120 and it is phenomenal! I found them on Amazon for around $89 and it is definitely worth the money.

The best thing, for me, is the battery lasts about eight hours before I have to charge it. So I can work on it all day, even if I forget my charger. It may drain a little faster if I watch videos, but I don’t know since I’m usually just using Docs and Spreadsheet.

My second favorite is how fast this little laptop is. I have 4GB of RAM, but it’s faster than my e6400 with similar specs. I can click a document and it’s open before I can blink! Okay, maybe not that fast, but it’s not far off.

I hate trackpads. I always have. I can never scroll a page up or down and it just feels off to me. I plugged in my wireless mouse and it works flawlessly, but then I watched a Youtube video from Chrome Unboxed. I decided to try the trackpad and I love it! My mouse is now in my laptop bag while I’m using this device for the first time ever!

If you want to try Chrome OS for free it’s easy. You just have to have a USB thumbdrive. Instructions and software are available at Neverware. You can also watch a video about it from Chrome Unboxed. Their YouTube channel is great! It is very informative.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about my new Chromebook. It’s incredible! I would like to maybe upgrade to something with a touchscreen so that I never need my wireless mouse. Maybe a little sleeker for expos. However, for work, home, or school use this is absolutely perfect.