Our Trip to Pigeon Forge

I am not being compensated for my opinions or if you click on any of the links. We had a great time and I wanted to share our experiences with you. Enjoy!

Last week our family went to Pigeon Forge. Thanks to a homeschool discount we got an amazing rate at the DreamMore. I have been to Disney World many times, but this is my favorite resort anywhere! Everyone was friendly, our luggage showed up in our room right after we did, and we didn’t have to fight the stroller on to the bus. It was great! We also got free TimeSaver passes for everyone in our room!


We spent four days in Dollywood. Before we went we figured two days would be enough to see and do everything. Pfft! We went four days and there are a lot of things we missed out on. We’re hoping to catch them when we go back. The shows were fantastic, we loved the rides, and the craftsmen and the people in the shops were awesome. We enjoyed talking to all of the employees. My husband became good friends with the gentleman serving meat at Miss Lillian’s Restaurant. Miss Lillian herself is so special. She came over while we were eating to offer her “chicken blessings”. The food was phenominal, too. We ate there twice! My daughter is very shy, but she had to hug Miss Lillian. That’s one of my favorite memories from our trip.

My four-year-old’s favorite ride was the new Dragonflier. She’s big for her age so be sure and check your child’s height before you get in line. Dollywood has a child measuring station beside the Emporium. We weren’t able to ride Wild Eagle or Lightnin’ Rod because they were closed for maintenance when we tried to ride them the last day. We loved Mystery Mine and Tennessee Tornado, though! I could have stayed on either one of those.


We took an afternoon and visited Anakeesta (see above). Y’all, we thought it went up about 100 feet. No! It goes up 900 feet! We took a gondola up there instead of a chair, because I knew I couldn’t handle that even if it went up thirty feet. That’s a no. My twelve-year-old and I were almost in hysterics by the time we reached the top, which caused my husband to have anxiety. The employees were kind enough to let us ride the Ridge Rambler back down even though it doesn’t open to the public until this week. The ride down was so much better!


After Anakeesta we went to the Island. If you go, grab a YeeHaw beer and eat at Paula Deens. I can’t say enough about this combination. The beer went down smooth, I could have drank it all night. Paula Deen’s is all you can eat served family style, except you only get one desert. That was my only complaint about the entire meal.

This was my favorite vacation by far. It is hard to entertain six people at once, but we didn’t have any trouble. We had a great time exploring during the day and hung out in the heated pool at night. We can’t wait to go back.

Travel Bucket List


As you can see from the map above, my family and I have visited quite a few states, but there are so many that we haven’t seen. My husband and I are working on our travel bucket list. We are hoping to start sometime in the next eighteen months and see every state by the time I turn 40 in 2024. Some will require a plane or a boat, obviously, but if we can drive we will. Why? To truly see God’s creation.

My family and I love tent camping. Last year we had a shocking experience when my parent’s camper was struck by lightning and it fried the electronics in our tent. We have learned from that “mistake” and will use what we have learned to keep everyone safe. Or God may provide a pop-up. We’ll see.

I am really looking forward to Maine, Salem, Massachusetts, and Branson, Missouri. We’re discussing flying from Northern California to Anaheim so I can cross Disneyland off my bucket list, but we’ll see. The goal is to spend at least twenty-four hours in each state, so driving through doesn’t count. Except Texas. We can sightsee and visit cool places while we navigate our way across.

As I have said before, we homeschool so we feel this will be a great learning experience for our children and us. There are so many museums in every state along with some great national landmarks. No one should complain about being bored.