Why I Won’t Sell on Mercari

I have a few electronics laying around and I’m not super comfortable meeting people I don’t know, so I decided to sell a few things online. I tried using Ebay first, but scammers kept bidding and making offers, then Ebay canceled their order. That got to be frustrating.

This lead me to try Mercari. I had an Asus tablet with a cracked screen and I listed it as such. The buyer received it today and received a refund because the screen was cracked! I sold the tablet for $20 and it cost almost that much to ship it. Now he gets his money back AND he doesn’t even have to pay return shipping! So I’m out over $30 and I get my tablet back that was a hard sale in the first place.

I bought my first item from them before this mess happened so I will update this post once my item arrives. I’m hoping it goes smoother.

My point is to do your due diligence when selling online. These selling sites are focused on making buyers happy at the seller’s expense, literally.

If you are going to sell Facebook Marketplace seems to be the best place. At least the buyer can see the item and try it so there aren’t any issues. I recommend meeting in McDonald’s or at your local police department. Don’t go to a stranger’s house alone.

I will update this if anything changes, but as of right now I want to warn as many people as possible about my experience. I can’t be the only one.

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