Goals for This Blog

I realize that I jump around a lot with the posts I write here. The reason for this is I write about what I love. That’s what all of these posts have in common.

So why is the blog called Berry Cottage? Well, most of my time is spent in my home (working on it as of right now). This is where I pray, read my Bible, write, and teach my children.

Going forward you can expect more about our lives, our home, and how/what we teach our children. This blog is a reflection of who I am, an eccentric daughter of God. That’s not going to change so I guess this blog won’t either.

If you enjoy Berry Cottage please follow us and feel free to leave a comment. God bless you.

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I'm a Christian wife, mom, and so much more. I enjoy remodeling, decorating, genealogy, reading, and knitting.

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