The Armor of God

Today I want to talk about something that God has brought to my attention in three different ways in less than two days. It’s the armor of God in Ephesians 6:11-17.

The first thing you need to know is that we are fighting a never ending battle against the devil. He is using the same tactic that he used in Genesis 3, creating doubt in our minds in relation to what God tells us. Our adversary wants nothing less than to destroy us which is why God tells us to put on His armor.

1. The belt of truth. This isn’t the world’s truth, this is Biblical truth. Remember what God has said in the past.

2. The breastplate of righteousness. What is righteousness? It is the being morally right. How do we become righteous? By living out what we have read in God’s Word.

3. Sandal your feet with the readiness for the gospel of peace. These are sandals, not running shoes. You have to stand up to the devil and defend God and His Word. Can He do it Himself? Absolutely. Think of it this way. Someone is slandering a person whom you love. Sure, they can stand up for themself, but if you truly love them wouldn’t you say something to the person hurting them?

4. The shield of faith. Believe who God says He is and what He can do. Sometimes this is hard. Remember the man who said to Jesus, “I believe! Lord, help my unbelief”. He loves you and He will help you in your time of need. He isn’t afraid of your doubts or questions, just read Psalms for proof.

5. The helmet of salvation. We must accept Jesus into our hearts and allow Him to rule our lives in order to triumph over the devil. This doesn’t require religion, it requires a relationship with Jesus Christ.

6. The sword of the spirit. This is the Word of God. Memorize scripture. If you struggle, right down key verses that you can look at any time the devil comes at you. He will twist scripture or use it out of context, he tried it with Jesus Himself! You have to be ready to tell him what God’s Word really says and he will flee.

You may be wondering what a spiritual attack is. It is anything that is sin or shifts your focus away from God. It can be pornography, lust, anger, or it may be a simple, “did God really mean that?” If he can plant a seed of doubt in your mind then he’s won the battle. Be vigilant and pray, read God’s Word, and kindle your relationship with Him. He doesn’t want to see you defeated, you’re His child! You matter to God. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Let me know in comments what you thought about the armor of God.

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