Can Five People Really Live in 1,000 Square Feet?

The simple answer to this is absolutely! Are there sacrifices? Yes. My family and I think they’re worth it to save energy (money) and to have a home that is paid for.

For three years we have lived in a manufactured home with a mortgage. It’s twenty years old, won’t last until it’s paid off, and is too big for us. It’s a little less than 1,200 square feet.

When my husband and I started designing our dream home we knew that we didn’t need a big house. We don’t do much inside, especially our kids. We basically need a place to stay dry when it rains, places to sleep, and somewhere I can write and do other hobbies. I don’t need a room for this, just a desk.

We are praying that our house is done in March because we are ready to move in. I’m excited to share it with you all. My goal is to eventually write a book about the process because I don’t want to fill the blog with it. At the same time I want to encourage others to take a leap of faith and see where you end up. You may be surprised!

Published by Dawn McDonald

I'm a Christian wife, mom, and so much more. I enjoy remodeling, decorating, genealogy, reading, and knitting.

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