House update

So, the house is coming along, but we’re a bit behind schedule. This is our inspiration, the original Country Charmer. I apologize for the picture quality on this one, I used my phone to take a picture of my computer screen.


We are making a few changes based on our preferences and what we were able to find locally. Ours will have wood siding (the color hasn’t been chosen yet) and the second story windows are completely different. These are the ones we’ll be using.

This is the house so far. Our goal to be done and moved in is currently January 1st. I will continue updating the blog and may possibly write a book because start to finish this house is only going to cost us about $13k. Keep in mind that where we live we can do the work ourselves.

The house is going to be around 1,000 square feet with three bedrooms and one bathroom. We bought a wood stove to save money. I’ll add pictures once we get it out of the SUV. It’s heavy so we’ve left it alone for about a week now.

Thank you for visiting the Berry Cottage today.

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