The Country Charmer

Fifteen years ago my husband and I were newlyweds in the Virginia mountains. I was 20 and he was 25. Our overly ambitious selves decided that we were going to buy a house. We looked and we found one dubbed, “The Country Charmer”. It was adorable! We instantly fell in love and found a wonderful realtor to take us out to look at the cottage. It had three bedrooms, no bathroom, and no running water. It did have an outhouse and a cistern so we figured we could make do until we had enough money to get a composting toilet and a well. We figured family wouldn’t argue about us coming over to take showers or wash clothes (if we actually thought that far ahead back then).

Almost two decades later, my husband and I still talk about how that was the house, not just a house. I still remember the nook where I was going to put my Queen Anne chairs and a little coffee table, the same place where our Christmas tree would be set up in December. I remember the dark green metal roof, the red concrete porch and steps, and the little windows upstairs that looked like eyes at night. We dearly loved that house, but never could come up with the money to buy it.

Now we are building that little house on our own lot. Ours will have a fully functioning bathroom and county water, but it will pretty much look the same. I’ll have my nook, my husband will have his deck, and the kids will get to look through those little windows in their rooms. The goal is to be moved in just in time to put up our Christmas tree in the nook and enjoy time with our family. I’m excited to update everyone as we progress.

Published by Dawn McDonald

I'm a Christian wife, mom, and so much more. I enjoy remodeling, decorating, genealogy, reading, and knitting.

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