The Walk to Emmaus


If you have never heard of The Walk to Emmaus I encourage you to ask at your church and see if anyone has been. I went in April and I sent my mom on the very next one. It isn’t a secret society nor is it a cult. It is an incredible experience where you will see Jesus.

The Walk to Emmaus is based on Luke 24:13-35. It’s just after Jesus was resurrected and he appeared to two men on the road to Emmaus. They walked and talked with Him, but did not know that He was Jesus. It wasn’t until He broke the bread and blessed it that they recognized Him. Then He vanished.

The Walk to Emmaus ministry is clouded in mystery because if you know what is going to happen you will miss a blessing. The purpose is for you to focus on Jesus all weekend. To truly seek Him. If it’s like my weekend and my Mom’s, you will encounter Him. It may not be the first day, it may be the last, but He will meet you there. You only have to be receptive.

It is not a replacement for going to church. It is a place to go and get re-charged. Then you return to your church and your community ready to serve. While I was there I realized that I wasn’t serving because I had allowed my anxiety to overwhelm me. The devil still tries to use my anxiety, but I’m wise to his tricks and I rebuke him. Right now, this blog is how I serve until God shows me what He wants me to do.

The Walk to Emmaus is life-changing, just like it was for the two men on the road to Emmaus. I pray that if you haven’t been that you will pray about going. If you have been I would love for you to share your experience without revealing any of the secrets.

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