Travel Bucket List


As you can see from the map above, my family and I have visited quite a few states, but there are so many that we haven’t seen. My husband and I are working on our travel bucket list. We are hoping to start sometime in the next eighteen months and see every state by the time I turn 40 in 2024. Some will require a plane or a boat, obviously, but if we can drive we will. Why? To truly see God’s creation.

My family and I love tent camping. Last year we had a shocking experience when my parent’s camper was struck by lightning and it fried the electronics in our tent. We have learned from that “mistake” and will use what we have learned to keep everyone safe. Or God may provide a pop-up. We’ll see.

I am really looking forward to Maine, Salem, Massachusetts, and Branson, Missouri. We’re discussing flying from Northern California to Anaheim so I can cross Disneyland off my bucket list, but we’ll see. The goal is to spend at least twenty-four hours in each state, so driving through doesn’t count. Except Texas. We can sightsee and visit cool places while we navigate our way across.

As I have said before, we homeschool so we feel this will be a great learning experience for our children and us. There are so many museums in every state along with some great national landmarks. No one should complain about being bored.

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