How Small is Too Small?

I talk a lot about the Berry Cottage because it is the namesake of this blog, but if it is no longer an option, then what? Do we continue swimming/drowning in this enormous 1,200 square foot tin can? Or do we still downsize, but in a different way?

My husband and I have discussed this and I realized that I don’t need a set amount of square footage. We have half an acre of land in the middle of nowhere that I would much rather see my children enjoying instead of just sitting indoors all day. My children and I set up the pool today so I probably won’t see my kids indoors until October (we live in the deep south).

This opened up a new conversation. What do I need in a house? Sure, I would love an Italianate or French Country kitchen, but do I need it? No. Do my kids need their own bedrooms? Nope! All I need is a home that is cool in summer and warm in winter, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. A covered outdoor kitchen has always been a dream of mine with a small indoor kitchen for winter. Which lasts about two months in Alabama.

I’m not making any announcements now because we are still giving God the reigns to lead us where He wants us. I know that’s the season we’re in and I’m learning obedience. Slowly and painfully at times.

He may still want us to stay in our tin can, it certainly seems that way since the mortgage company has been super helpful thus far. If He does we will be grateful and work on making it feel like home. If He doesn’t, then we will do what He wants. Even if it may be painful at times. I know He has a better plan for us than we could ever come up with ourselves.

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