Unexpected Blessings

Unexpected Blessings

This morning I had plans to pray, read my Bible, and finish the blog post I started last night. Preferably just before or while I drank my first cup of coffee. Instead, my power went out as I finished my devotionals. I thanked God for the rain but prayed the lights would come on soon because kids don’t do well without power.

The first estimate was 1pm to have power restored. So I sat with my littlest one and shared something a friend taught my small group on the Walk to Emmaus. I want you to open your Bible and read Mark 15:34. In the ESV it says, “And at the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?” which means, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” In Jesus’ time, there weren’t chapter numbers or verses in the Torah and there weren’t any hymns. They sang Psalms and the leader would start singing the first line to get everyone singing the same one. Go to Psalm 22 and look at the first line. Read it and see if it doesn’t sound familiar, remembering that it was written hundreds of years before Jesus’ birth.

As my other children came into the kitchen, bored, I shared that with them. My eleven year old son was floored and I think it really opened his eyes to what I have been trying to tell him all of these years. I hadn’t had time before now to show him how the Bible backs itself up and really that should be my priority.

After that I picked up the book my friend bought me a month ago that I haven’t finished and read three chapters. I love this book (and my friend), but I never seem to have time to read it. If you are looking for an incredible book, Love Does by Bob Goff. It’s on Amazon and ChristianBook.com probably has it, too.

Today was such a blessing without coffee, electricity, and hot food. It gave us time to do things that we won’t do when the lights are on (and WiFi is working). It was so nice that I may start turning off the power supply after my coffee is brewed every morning.

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