How to Read the Bible

How to Read the Bible

The Bible is God’s Word. His gift to us showing us and telling us how to live our lives. “There is hope for the hopeless, peace, and forgiveness. There is truth.” Red Letters by DC Talk

I have included the video because, to me, it tells you just how powerful God’s Word is. They are singing about the New Testament, but the New Testament is the fulfillment of the Old Testament.

This is why you should approach reading the Bible with reverence and expectation. God will speak to you through His word, but you have to be still and listen.

I start my morning thanking God for each of my blessings, praying, and mentally preparing to read His word. I focus and think about what I’m reading because I’m doing this to connect with my Heavenly Father. I’m not just reading the latest novel, I’m reading the Holy Bible.

I can’t recommend the YouVersion app enough. You can find a Bible reading plan, choose your favorite translation, and connect with friends who use the app. As much as I love having the Bible on my phone, laptop, and Kindle, I really prefer His written Word in a physical book. I actually have four Bibles that I use. They are the KJV, NLT, NIV, and ESV. I’ll talk more about the different translations another day.

You do not have to use a Bible plan. You can simply open the Bible and start reading anywhere. If you have trouble understanding anything find a preacher or a mentor who can help you. Just understand, no one fully understands the Word of God. It is a complex, living book. So if you don’t understand something, there’s a good chance others don’t either. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still read it, it is still invaluable. I’m just saying, don’t get frustrated and give up. Keep reading and praying for wisdom, understanding, and guidance.

You can read God’s Word any time of the day, but I love starting first thing in the morning, after I have prayed. Also, just because you read your Bible at eight doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read more later. This is God’s gift to you. This is so much more incredible than J.K. Rowling handing you a handwritten, autographed copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone! (I love Harry Potter, that’s why I went with that comparison.)


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