How God Blessed Us With Berry Cottage

How God Blessed Us With Berry Cottage

First I think you need to understand that my husband and I were not looking to move. We were meditating on Hebrews 13:5 ESV, “Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for He has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.””. We were even fixing up our twenty year old single wide so that it would become our forever home.

At the end of October, my family and I got sick. We were sick for almost a week so we were bored. I was swiping through the Facebook marketplace because I hate that red dot. I swipe through everything to get rid of those dots. As I scrolled I saw an adorable little house for $13,500. I clicked on it and as I read the ad my jaw dropped and my heart sped up. Not only was it cheap, but we could put $1,000 down, pay $350 a month for three years, and not pay a dime in interest. There had to be a catch.

We drove forty miles to look at the house, expecting a mess. Housing is cheap where we live, but not that cheap. When we pulled up we immediately noticed a new metal roof and new vinyl siding. The issues had to be internal. The company who listed the house gave us the code to the door and we went inside to look around. It was dirty, but not damaged.

We did our due diligence, of course. We went to the courthouse and bought the deed and the plat to make sure the person who owned the house was listed. That checked out, but we could not figure out how the land lay. I prayed that God would show us because there was a shed that seemed to be encroaching. Before I could say amen a very nice woman walked outside. Her father had owned the house and land that we were hoping to buy, so she was an expert on the house and the property.

With all of our questions answered, we were ready to proceed. We agreed that we weren’t going to fight for it and we would accept no and move on. We were approved and beginning the minor repairs five days after I saw the listing on Facebook.

It has been six months now and we are still working on replacing a few walls and the flooring, but we are grateful that God has blessed us with our Berry Cottage. My husband and I prayed for years that we could buy an old home, but God waited until we were content with what we had and where we were.

Due to extenuating circumstances, it will likely be August before we can move into our home. It’s hard because there is a peace there that we don’t get anywhere else. Even our preschooler and toddler are quieter and laid back when we’re in the Berry Cottage. It truly is a gift from God.


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