Finding Inspiration

You can find inspiration anywhere, but my family tends to find it outdoors. When my husband and I were younger we lived in Virginia and we loved the mountains. That was our happy place and we were content to stay there and never leave. Especially not for the beach.

Then we grew up and God called us to Alabama. We love the mountains here, they’re beautiful, but Gulf Shores is our happy place. While visiting we got the opportunity to stay in a beautiful beach house that is similar to The Berry Cottage.

It’s not identical, obviously, but there were a lot of similarities. It is a good bit bigger at just over 1,100 square feet, but there were six of us staying there so that was a good thing. It was a two bedroom, two bathroom with a sleeper sofa in the living room.

The Berry Cottage isn’t near the beach, but we decided that we didn’t care. We can still add beach charm to our little piece of paradise. We are doing this with colors inspired by the sand and water, decor of sea creatures, and various marine items like crab traps and fishing nets.

This was the interior of Bon Vie. We loved how it felt like a farmhouse on the ocean. Ours is going to feel like a beach cottage in farm country. I just wish that I could find a front door like this one for our home, I loved it.

I am hoping to have The Berry Cottage completed in August. As we complete these projects I will tell you what we did, how we did it, and I will share before and after photos.

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