Quick Questions

I thought it would be fun to answer a few questions so that you know where my family and I are coming from. If you have a question that I haven’t answered here please ask in comments.

Is The Berry Cottage your first tiny home? No, actually it’s our third tiny home. Our first was only 144 square feet plus a loft. We still own it and we are hoping one of our children will want to live in it.

Why do you and your family choose to live in small houses? We choose to live in small houses because they are usually less expensive and utility bills tend to be cheaper. Repairs and maintenance don’t cost as much and are much easier, too.

How do your children feel about living in a small house? Our oldest is the only one who complained, but that was when he was going to share his room with his siblings. Now that he’s going to have his own room he’s happy.

Do you have any hobbies? Where do you work on them? I enjoy reading, writing, crochet, and painting. My goal is to eventually get a she-shed so I can work on my projects and have a little peace and quiet. Something that doesn’t happen with three kids running around.

Where do guests stay? Since The Berry Cottage is remote we can’t put friends and family up in a hotel. Our goal is to buy an antique camper and fix it up into a guest cottage. We don’t get visitors often so we figure a small camper with comfortable beds and a bathroom is perfect when someone does show up.

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